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Commercial-grade filters for fire suppression systems.

EcoSmart Filters

Stagnant water sitting in fire suppression systems gathers hazardous levels of heavy metals, such as zinc, lead and mercury. Millions of gallons of that water are illicitly discharged every year into our waterways, posing grave risks to the environment, wildlife, and your business.


With EcoSmart’s family of filters, this practice can be eliminated.


The Water in Fire Suppression Systems is Unsafe.

  • EcoSmart Filters attach to commercial sprinkler systems.

  • Sediment is captured in a basket strainer, all heavy metals and bacteria are sequestered in a hybrid filter.

  • Once filtered the fire sprinkler water can be discharged onto open surface areas.

  • After multiple flushes the EcoSmart  hybrid filters can be safely discarded into a trash bin.

  • The EcoSmart filters are ideal when discharging polluted fire sprinkler water during periodic NFPA 25 testings.

EcoSmart Filters: A Better Way to Filter Fire Suppression Water.


The EcoSmart Family of Filters

An easy-to-use, mobile filtration system

A permanent filter for sprinkler drainage systems

What EcoSmart Filtration Looks Like


Ecosmart Filtration Inc.


If you care about the well-being of your business, your employees and the environment, get in touch.


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